Your tattoo and your wedding. Here are a few options for covering your Tattoo on your big day.

If you want to get rid of your tattoo permanently there is laser surgery, which is costly and I hear hurts worse than getting the actual tattoo.

For a temporary solution, you could hire a professional airbrush make up artist.They will be able to give you a consultation to answer any questions you may have,The airbrush make up will not come off on your dress, and your wedding pictures will look flawless.

if you are patient and take your time applying it,there is tattoo cover up make up you can apply. Kat Von D's Concealer is $ 25.00 and was made to conceal tattoos, but it only comes in light,medium, and tan shades.So if you are darker than Halle Berry, This product is not for you.I have also heard this product is better for covering dark circles and brown spots then covering tattoos.

Dermablend is good but not perfection- you have to make sure you get the right shade for you,(the darker the skin tone the more product you must use). It works best on body parts that are not rubbing up against your clothing. But has gotten really good reviews.

Cover mark has gotten most of the same reviews as dermablend but it is known to clump up in creases.

As for the tattoo cover up David's Bridal sells uuummmmm NO! Don't do it, it does not have good coverage and rubs off really easy.

Other ways you can cover up your tats are: Gloves, long flowing veils, scarves, chiffon jackets, and shawls.

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