Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

Imagine that this is YOUR Wedding Day...

Imagine what it would be like to have the wedding of your dreams. 

As you start getting ready, you’re surrounded by the people you love the most. You’re calm, cool and collected.

You don’t have a care in the world...except that you are so excited and happy that TODAY is the day you marry the love of your life.

You’ve been planning for months leading up to this day, and it’s been so much fun! None of it has been a pain or stressful or time-consuming...actually it’s been a pleasure, no...an absolute JOY to plan your wedding. You’re so confident and happy in your wedding day because you know that everything is coming together flawlessly. And, it feels so fabulous knowing that your mom and closest friends are ALSO enjoying this day with you, instead of working tirelessly and missing out on the most splendid moments you experience in the quiet moments you’ll savor for a lifetime.

You have all the right vendors and a full team of amazing professionals behind you, working together to orchestrate the most extraordinary wedding...even beyond your wildest dreams.  Because of all this, you are overcome with childlike anticipation to see and experience the most spectacular event that is your wedding day!

You have only done the things that you loved to do and the things that you wanted to do leading up to today.  Today is YOUR day...you are beautiful, relaxed, and the best part is that you can actually enjoy the wedding day you’ve wanted for so long with your most favorite person ever. 

You do not have a to do list today. Your only focus is to have the time of your life as you delight in the love that you both share. 

Sounds wonderful, right? 

You’ve just seen what a dream wedding can be, and because you’re reading this right now, I already know that’s what you want for yourself. 

So what now? 

Read on to find out how we can make this dream wedding day possible for you...

Our Full-Service Wedding Planning and Design Package means just that. We will literally do it ALL to make your wedding the dream day you’ve always wanted, but never knew if it could be a reality. 

From the very beginning stages of planning through the send-off at the close of your celebration, we work with you to plan and design your wedding. There are no limits to what we can create together.

  1. 1. Get Real. 

  2. Getting real with your wedding budget and your guest list is a must. These are two vital aspects to properly plan your wedding. You simply cannot skip this and avoid the stress. We’ll discuss how much money is there for your wedding...seriously.  Whether you have $20,000 or $2,000,000, there’s NEVER enough, so we customize your budget planner for YOUR wedding. You will learn ways to get more “bang for your budget,” no matter what the dollar figure is. Plus we will provide you with a guest list template to get realistic with the guest count.  You absolutely cannot have a working budget without a realistic guest list. Do this right once and you’re done!  

  1. 2. Get Clear. 

  2. We will get things started off on the right foot with our overall wedding plan and our organizational process. This will allow you to understand what’s truly involved in planning your dream wedding and get focused on your priorities, then put it on paper. We will focus on one fabulous wedding element at a time to get things done efficiently and effortlessly. 

  3. 3. Get Inspired.

  4. We will start out designing your wedding with (what I call) your “tear out session”. This will help you to figure out what you want (not just what others have told you), then we’ll discover your own inspirations that are right under your nose, and turn these into your wedding theme. Usually, you can’t even see what you want because you get in your own way. We’ll be there to help you and guide you so that this will never happen. We will detail out all your wedding inspirations, not just think about them. Then, your dreams will become reality right in front of your eyes as we translate your inspirations into your dream theme!

  1. 4. Get Help.

  2. You will never have to worry about selecting the best venue and the brightest vendors for your wedding. We’ll help match you to them from the very start. We will introduce you to vendors that not only match your budget, but also complement your personality and style. We’ll only take you to vendors who we know, like and trust...and have YOUR best interest at heart!

  1. 5. Get Fab. 

  2. Feeling and looking fabulous means selecting your wedding attire and accessories that make you feel exquisite and look fantastic on YOU! We’ll also help you with your hair and makeup to round out your overall beauty. It’s not about the label or what’s “hot”...it’s about YOU and YOUR body. We’ll help you tap into and trust your intuition and not get talked into things with pushy salespeople or even loving family and friends. We’ll talk about hair, makeup and fashion and introduce you to the most extraordinary in the industry! 

  1. 6. Get it Together. 

  2. After we’ve hired all your fantastic vendors, planned and designed your beautiful wedding, we will pull it all together to implement your wedding dreams. We will detail and distribute your wedding day itinerary to every person on your wedding planning team. They will know ahead of time what is expected of them, what they are providing for your dream wedding day and when we expect them. You will be able to envision how this will all come together beautifully, and then trust that we will orchestrate and choreograph every single detail from your wedding day desires. We will manage and direct while you relax and enjoy being the star of your dream wedding day! 

Here’s what you will receive with Full-Service Wedding Planning and Design...

  1. Unlimited consultations in person, on the phone and via email. 

  2. Wedding design infused with creative concepts for your theme, design and décor.

  3. Expert consultations and guidance with etiquette and other considerations.

  4. Detailed, customized budget planner.

  5. Guest List Spreadsheet Template.

  6. Vendor Selection from only the best and brightest professionals for your style, personality and budget. 

  7. Schedule vendor appointments around your availability.

  8. Facilitate all vendor appointments as an impartial party on your behalf.  

  9. Wedding Stationery design and selection.

  10. Review and negotiate vendor contracts. 

  11. Attire selection (if desired).

  12. Guest Accommodations. 

  13. Guest and Bridal Party Transportation. 

  14. Menu and Beverage Selection and Tastings as needed. 

  15. Ongoing vendor maintenance. 

  16. Develop event enhancements including atmospheric lighting, custom furnishings and décor. 

  17. Create guest amenities to include welcome bags, favors, programs, in addition to other requests.

  18. Schedule Salon and Spa Services.

  19. Plan closely with your vendors to ensure all aspects of your wedding day will flow seamlessly.

  20. Maintain deposits and payments to all vendors. 

  21. Itemize and include all subcontracted vendors on one invoice from Natalie Bradley Events. 

  22. Create detailed and informative itinerary for wedding day, and surrounding activities.

  23. Timeline distribution to all vendors prior to the wedding. 

  24. Final Vendor Confirmations.

  25. Oversee and Manage wedding day installation. 

  26. Rehearsal Coordination and Direction. 

  27. Unlimited on-site Wedding Day Management, including at least one assistant. 

  28. Coordinate, Manage, and Trouble-shoot on your Wedding Day to create the Fabulous Wedding of your Dreams.

  29. Collect and Secure all wedding gifts and keepsakes at the end of the reception. 

  30. And much, much more!

Are you ready to start planning?