Wedding Day Management

Do you enjoy planning your wedding on your own, but just need help managing your vendors on your wedding day?

Do you want to make sure that nothing has slipped through the cracks in planning for your wedding day?

Do you want a wedding timeline to help you coordinate your vendors, wedding party and family to stay on schedule for your fabulous day?

This package includes managing your wedding day from start to finish.  We will coordinate all of your vendors for the entire wedding day, as well as help you, your family and all of your guests to enjoy every aspect of the wedding!  

Approximately 2 (two) months prior to your wedding, you would meet for a 2 (two) hour consultation (sometimes this appointment takes less time) with one of our fabulous planners to discuss everything that will happen on your wedding day, construct an event timeline and get all of the contact information and copies of vendor contracts from you.  We request the contracts so that we know what you are paying for and what you expect from each person working your wedding.  

From that point forward, three weeks before your wedding we would “take over” as far as following up with vendors on all of your wedding details to make sure that all involved know what time to show up and what is going on throughout your special day.  This way you can enjoy the month leading up to your wedding instead of being overwhelmed with so many follow-up phone calls to be made.


In addition, this includes direction of your wedding rehearsal and having an on-site manager/coordinator and one assistant throughout your wedding day (up to 8 hours).  We will coordinate all vendors and services for your ceremony as well as your reception to keep the flow of the wedding consistent and enjoyable for all.  

At the end of the evening, we will make sure that all gifts are secured and collect any extra items (programs, favors, cake knives, etc…) so that your parents, family members and friends do not have to stay around for hours to clean up after the party ends.


In this wedding day management package, you will receive all of the following elements for your wedding needs.

Wedding planning worksheet

Final consultation to determine the order of service for your wedding day (up to 2 hours)

Detailed and informative timeline/itinerary for wedding day 

Timeline distribution to all vendors at least two weeks prior to wedding

Final vendor confirmations/follow-up approximately three weeks prior to wedding

Rehearsal coordination and direction (up to one and one-half hours)

Oversee and manage wedding day installation (within limited management time of 8 hours)

On-site wedding day management, including one assistant (8 hours of consecutive time)

Coordinate, manage and trouble-shoot on your wedding day

Collect and secure all wedding gifts and keepsakes at the end of the reception

Additional consultations may be added